Resources Used Today Oct 2

  1. Boson ExSim
  2. Todd Lammle’s CCNA Complete Study Guide
  3. Microsoft OneNote

First…practice exam

I started up Boson ExSim, took Practice Exam A (with no aids), and missed 1 question out of 58. Navigated to the “Show Answer” section for the problem I got wrong and reviewed the referenced Cisco article links.

Also, I discussed the question with the Discord Group via the chat channel. Had an excellent back-n-forth discussion, which helped commit the “why” the correct answers – were the right answers. We also ended up sharing other practice questions, creating an ad-hoc study session.


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I had OneNote open while taking the Practice Exam. As I went through the questions, I would note what commands I used. That way, I can look at the list later, and type out the necessary commands needed to complete the associated task for each list item.



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Third…book study

I worked through Chapter 6’s Written Lab in Lammle’s Study Guide. It forced me to type out the necessary commands to create various, random tasks. The hope is not to freeze when a simlet question occurs during the exam. Say I get a simlet asking me to create a VLAN, and want to do just that from muscle memory.

I have noticed that in the Boson practice exam simlets, the “?” command will not always list out possible options as it does on real equipment. So know your commands!