Resources used.

  1. CBT Nuggets (video series)
  2. Todd Lammle’s CCNA Complete Study Guide (written study materials)
  3. Boson ExSim (practice exams)

Video Series

I fell in love with the CBT Nuggets ICND1 video series. I would watch one video, then another, then another, and so on. I took detailed notes while watching the vids and made sure to answer the review questions that would pop up during the videos.

What I wish I had done.

I did not realize until I was almost 80% through the video series that CBT had a Study Plan for it. It maps out the 78 videos across ten weeks. I just went through videos in order, without planning out how many to do per week.


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Written study materials.

I did not buy a book until I came across the study plan mentioned above. So again – no book until I completed 80% of the video course. The CBT Study Plan recommended some books, and I found one I enjoy from that list.

What I wish I had done.

That I had purchased a study book when I first started watching the video series, it would have been nice to match up the book chapters to the videos I viewed for the week. Then work through the review questions and labs for the corresponding chapters for the week.

A week before is when I went through the Chapter Review Questions, Written Labs, and Hands-on Labs in Lammle’s Study Guide. There is quality material in there I should have been reviewing early on.


Practice Exams

I started taking practice exams after completing all 78 videos. I tried taking practice exams early on, but I did not know a lot of the questions they were asking since I had not studied a large portion of the topics yet.

What I wish I had done.

I would take a couple of practice exams via Boson ExSim early on, which would have pointed out my weak areas, even though I had not started studying most of the topics yet.

It would have at least put in my mind what to pay attention to as I navigate through my Study Journey. Plus, Boson and AlphaPrep do an outstanding job of explaining why the correct answers are correct, and why the wrong answers are wrong. So, in the end, I would have learned topics that I had not quite studied yet anyway. And when I did come across it in my Video Series, I would have some understanding of it and could drill down deeper if needed.


Stay tuned…

To follow my study journey for ICND2. I will share my Study Schedule and plan of attack. Also, check out my post on how I Studied for the CCENT.

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