Week Two Study Plan


  • 7 videos to get through this week (starting today :sweat_smile: :scream:)
  • Mostly relating to STP
  • Which correlates to Chapter 15 in Lammle’s book


  • As of now 5:30p – 7:30p is my dedicated study block
  • Try and watch 2 videos a day between now and Sunday
  • Answer the quizzes at the end of the videos, instead of during the videos
  • That way I can better judge if I retained the video material or not

Book Study:

  • Read through Chapter 15
  • Answer the Written and Review questions
  • Work through the Hands-on-Labs
  • Video 17: Not precisely seeing a matching book chapter for this video
  • Will have to watch the video and go from there
  • EDIT: Video 17 corresponds with Chapter 22