Officially 4 Weeks Behind Schedule

How did this happen?

I passed the CCENT exam early October (on a Saturday), and started preparing for ICND2 that very next Monday.

I was so hyped about passing ICND1 and still had that urge to study and figured why not keep the momentum going.

Week 1: knocked out 10 videos reviewing what was learned during ICND1

Week 2: completed 13 videos & 5 chapters [feeling great, having a blast studying]

Week 3: Got busy at work, no big deal. At this point, I am ahead of schedule by a week, so I chill.

Week 4: Work is even busier than last week, and I’m feeling under the weather. No worries, I can make up my studies during the weekend.

I ended up not studying for 4 weeks.

Now to get back on track…

Forced my self last week (*ahem* I mean my boyfriend nudged me) to do a Twitch Stream, which got me back into lab(ing). Lab(ing) always sucks me in – like a great movie or a favorite console game.

And let me touch on this for a moment – having a support system HELPS BIG TIME! Sometimes you need that cheering section to get through it. Literally, my boyfriend would mention, “you haven’t been studying or streaming, when are you going to get back to that” regularly lol. Or “when are you trying to take the exam, November is almost over.” Got to love it!

So the next few posts will cover me getting out of this hole. The classic, it’s not how you started, but did you finish?


To my followers on Discord (amazing group), IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Twitch.

Yo – Twitch has been holding me down lol. Friday I was like okay I can go take a nap now. The viewers were like keep it going, let’s do OSPF! And we got it done, with some real-life troubleshooting haha. And now, I have that drive and momentum again.

You all have no idea how awesome it is hearing from you all. Literally makes my day each day! Thanks for that!


I may have felt like studying, but my MIND needed a break. The body has an abrupt way to make you sit down and take it easy when you try to ignore fatigue.