My Study Schedule for this past Week (because I fell behind ūüôÉ)

How did this happen? Check out my previous post.


OSPF All Day Every Day.

At least during the past week. OSPF is currently my favorite topic to lab at the moment. After going through the study materials I created the below Lab and Task List.


Revisited STP.

For the sake of retention, I worked through an STP lab. Me personally, after completing one topic and feeling comfortable with it – I can start to forget the previous topics I studied. Matter of fact, I don’t remember working through a full STP lab. I think I only tested out BPDU Gaurd on my physical hardware.

Determine what version of STP is running / Port Status / Root Bridge

Lab Tasks & Packet Tracer Lab for STP.

[via CBT Nuggets & Jeremy Cioara]

The sh spanning-tree command is fantastic to know lol. It gives you a good bit of info, that I like to follow-up with sh cdp neighbor.

Unchecked Show Link Lights in Packet Tracer, ran sh spanning-tree on each switch to determine which ports were in the¬†Blocking¬†or¬†Designated¬†states. Then used that info to map out the “real” topology for this lab.


[LIVE Study Sessions and Labs w/ Packet Tracer and Real Hardware]