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Easy. Our IT director kicked off a 30 Day Cloud Skill Challenge on Microsoft Learn. And Microsoft = Azure. I’m happy where I work, so why not learn the skills for future projects they have on deck, and increase my value.


I’m starting with Azure Fundamentals on Microsoft Learn, a free tasked-based, interactive learning platform. It consists of 12 walk-through modules.

Included Training Modules:
  1. Cloud Concepts – Principles of cloud computing
  2. Create an Azure account
  3. Core Cloud Services – Introduction to Azure
  4. Core Cloud Services – Azure architecture and service guarantees
  5. Core Cloud Services – Manage services with the Azure portal
  6. Core Cloud Services – Azure compute options
  7. Core Cloud Services – Azure data storage options
  8. Core Cloud Services – Azure networking options
  9. Security, responsibility, and trust in Azure
  10. Apply and monitor infrastructure standards with Azure Policy
  11. Control and organize Azure resources with Azure Resource Manager
  12. Predict costs and optimize spending for Azure


What I Look Forward To

When you create an Azure account, you get access to many of the popular services they have for 12 months. Several services will always be free with your account.

I am interested in checking out spinning up Windows Virtual Machines. It should help me out since I like to work on my iMac, as well as reducing the number of various programs I need to install on my actual computer.

You also get the free perks shown above during your 12-month trial.