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Create a Roadmap

I earned my CCNA earlier this year, and now it’s on to DevNet. I was inspired by Verlaine sharing his mind map of the DEVASC certification path on Twitter. I went on a hunt for a mind mapping tool and fell in love with ClickUp. And now I have some sense of direction.


List View    I added a URL field to jump to the corresponding study resource for each task quickly


Board View    Visually see what exam topics I’m actively studying, reviewing, or have completed


Mind Map    See how my learning resources match up to the exam topics


Setup the Lab

I need a way to practice Git, Python, Docker, Node.js, and so on. Check out the Cisco DevNet site for videos on setting up a Development Environment.


1.4 Compare Software Development Methods

Software Development and Design (CH. 2)
Software Development Practices for all IT Professionals (video section)


1.6 Identify the Advantages of Common Design Patterns

Common Design Patterns (CH. 2)
Determine When to Use Design Patterns (video section)