What led me to Cloud.

Each day is a chance to change my situation. Today’s focus: strategize a way to transition into a cloud career. I wanted to go back to Network Engineering after leaving it in 2018 but realized my drive to land another Network role had fizzled out. And I didn’t know why. I no longer knew what I wanted to do in life, in general.

Three months of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helped me realize I’m bored with my career and life because I’m not living in line with my core values. I’m ignoring the main thing that drives me—curiosity. Continuous learning is the thing I do when no one is watching and without telling anyone about it. For example, I learned to read & write in Korean and only mentioned it after my therapist pointed out, “It’s been 3 months since you learned Korean, and I’m the first person you’re telling about this.”

The reason I started CBT was to address my emotional detachment from others and my wins. One of my actions to work on is sharing with others what I’m doing in life. Even if I think others will find it boring. Thinking traps—that’s another story.

I ended up creating my first Career plan. Ever.


My curiosity led me to DevNet. DevNet led me to learn about cloud computing. It also taught me about DevOps (it’s a culture). And DevOps introduced me to Docker and the CI/CD pipeline. Which led me to marry my love for networking with my love for coding.

I realized I was ready to evolve my Networking skills. I don’t want to go back to doing the same thing. In fact, subconsciously, I crave a new challenge. And Cloud is that challenge. I’m a basic end-user who knows zip about what happens behind the scenes in the Cloud realm.

I tied my whys to Core Values to give them a more substantial meaning. I can look back at this if I get discouraged or become unmotivated.


Next, I took the time to find out what roles exist in Cloud because I had no idea. So I turned to Google, Tech Twitter, and my friends who work in Cloud. It’s not precisely a role as of yet, but Cloud Network Engineer sounds good to me. Then sometime after, I get a sound footing in Cloud, SRE. SRE, I think, will pair nicely with my lifelong learning habits linked to my primary Core Value—curiosity.


What are the actions to get me into Cloud? Personally, I’m not fortunate enough to say I want to work in Cloud, and bam, I’m a Cloud Architect. So I have to put some work in. Starting with learning AWS. The AWS Solutions Architect Associate course seems to be a great way to learn all things Cloud. Even though we use Azure where I work.

I’ll transfer what I learn over to Azure by voicing my desire to work on Cloud projects at work. Then hopefully land a seat on the Cloud team.
transition into a cloud career goals


Simply put, I have to hold myself accountable to carry out this want. A large part of this will be using trackers to visually see my progress with studying. I’ll cover out how in another post. So be sure to follow me on Twitter @GiftedLane to get notified of new posts and follow my journey to transition into a cloud career.
transition into a cloud career action

Reading List

Sticky Note Mind Map
I signed up for a free trial and used a Lucidchart template to create the mind map. After that, it was easy to fill in the stickies how I saw fit. https://www.lucidchart.com/pages/templates/mind-map/lucidchart-sticky-note-mind-map

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?
Breakdown of what CBT is and how it can help you figure out your next move in life. We the aid of a licensed professional, it helped me start living in the present and be less stressed. https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-cognitive-behavior-therapy-2795747

Core Values
Take some time to think about what your Core Values are. It made it easier for me to figure out what I wanted to do next career-wise finally. Transition into a cloud career. It also has helped me have happier days and peace. An extra benefit is how it can help shape who you keep around you—for the better. https://business.tutsplus.com/tutorials/what-are-personal-values–cms-31561

Continuous Learning
Explains the difference between Lifelong Learning and Continuous Learning. It’s a good read to see why either is essential and ways to go about them. https://www.valamis.com/hub/continuous-learning

The Value of Curiosity – How to Cultivate It
This article is near and dear to me. It’s all about cultivating curiosity in your life. This read even has you stop to think about your needs and boundaries. There are even tips on transforming the mundane. https://www.roxana-cristina.com/blog/how-to-cultivate-curiosity

Cisco DevNet
This quick (free) module from Cisco helped me understand just what DevNet is, and that I’m a fan of it. https://developer.cisco.com/video/net-prog-basics/

If you learn nothing else about DevOps, know that it’s a culture. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/cloud/what-is-devops.html